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An outrageously gorgeous Tremper het Raptor / Patternless x Jungle Emerine het Tremper Leopard Gecko female (tsf). Hatched 4/8/13. The colors and pattern on this little girl are intense! She is…
1174 days ago
This beautiful Corallus caninus belonged to a friend of mine. I can not wait until my etb gets bigger.
1193 days ago
My silly bearded dragons Django and Lizzy feeding on dubia roaches.
1193 days ago
Western Hognose snake clutch that hatched out over the weekend of May 18th 2013
1195 days ago
A cute little hold back Twin Spot Hog that hatched out over the weekend.
1197 days ago
McQueen the 4 year old Iguana
1200 days ago
1200 days ago
If you haven't commented already, here is the link to make a comment about the new proposal from the USPS. I'm excited at the proposal of having the USPS as a viable shipping option! Comments can be made until May 24th.!documentDetail;D=USPS-2013-0030-0001 Herp Harder! …
1201 days ago
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The “Categorical Exclusion” (CatX) proposed earlier this month by US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) is the single most dangerous threat ever fielded against herpetoculture! If enacted, CatX would pave the way for FWS to easily add species to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act by waving due process under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA requires due process with science, economics and social impact considered prior to listing. CatX would eliminate NEPA mandated impact studies!
1133 days ago
New account process.
1200 days ago
You can now upload your videos (up to 100mb each) to the site!
1204 days ago
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